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junior fixture Diary

Junior Midland League


The Junior County Coaches for 2024 are: Peter Lockley (Head Coach), with Stuart Betteridge, James Thompson & Tom Warnock.

Coaching Schedule 2024


North League

wdt_ID Club Won Lost Drawn For Against Points
2 Oakmere A
3 Worksop
4 Rufford
5 Sherwood
6 Coxmoor


South League

wdt_ID Club Won Lost Drawn For Against Points
2 Norwood
3 Beeston
4 Rushcliffe
5 Radcliffe
7 Oakmere B
8 Ruddington

wdt_ID Date Home Team Result Away Team
2 11/04/0023 Lincolnshire 4½ – 7½ Nottinghamshire
4 21/05/0023 Cambridgeshire 3½ – 8½ Nottinghamshire
5 21/05/0023 Northamptonshire 5 – 7 Nottinghamshire
125 26/07/0023 Leicestershire/Rutland 5 – 7 Nottinghamshire

2023 EML Champions – Nottinghamshire



wdt_ID Date Home Team Result Away Team
2 13/04/2023 U18 Shropshire & Herefordshire Boys 2½ – 4½ U18 Cheshire Boys
3 13/04/2023 U18 Nottinghamshire Boys 1 – 6 U18 Lancashire Boys
4 12/04/2023 U18 Shropshire & Herefordshire Boys 2½ – 4½ U18 Lancashire Boys
5 12/04/2023 U18 Cheshire Boys 3½ – 3½ U18 Nottinghamshire Boys
6 12/04/2023 U18 Nottinghamshire Boys 3½ – 3½ U18 Shropshire & Herefordshire Boys



wdt_ID Squad P W D L Pts P W D L Pts
2 U18 Lancashire Boys 3 2 1 0 5 21 13 2 6 14
3 U18 Cheshire Boys 3 1 2 0 4 21 10 3 8 11½
4 U18 Nottinghamshire Boys 3 0 2 1 2 21 7 2 12 8
5 U18 Shropshire & Herefordshire Boys 3 0 1 2 1 21 7 3 11

wdt_ID Date Home Team Result Away Team
2 31/07/0023 Lincs U14/U16 TBC Notts Boys U16/U14
3 23/04/2023 Shropshire & Herefordshire U14/U16 13 -5 Notts Boys U16/U14

County Orders of merit

The county order of merit is based on results based on in county junior first team matchplay competitions and gross results in county competitions.

wdt_ID Ranking Player Golf Club Matchplay Played Strokeplay Played OOM Points
6 2 Callum Smith Worksop 12 7 0 0 12
7 2 Will Burbidge Hollinwell 12 7 0 0 12
8 1 Owen Rafferty Retford 15 7 0 0 15
9 5 Theo Nelson Coxmoor 8 7 0 0 8
10 7 Louis Cooke Coxmoor 0 3 0 0 0
11 6 Reuben Tennant Worksop 4 7 0 0 4
13 7 Laurie Hutson Rufford 0 5 0 0 0
14 7 Chas Richardson Ruddington 0 2 0 0 0
27 4 Charlie Cooke Coxmoor 11 4 0 0 11
28 5 Kai Krishnan Stanton on the Wolds 0 4 8 1 8

2024 will see the continuation of an age-based Order of Merit within the County.

Separate Orders of Merit will be run for Under 12, Under 14, Under 16 and Under 18 Nett.

Points will be awarded for the first 6 places in each competition as follows: –

10, 6, 4, 3, 2 & 1

The County competitions which will make up the age-based Order of Merits for 2024 will be:

3,2,1 Team Trophies – 16th June @ Norwood Park GC

(featuring the Lamplugh Memorial, Wardman & Carr & Stan Yeomans)
Jack Prescott Trophy – 7th July @ Chilwell Manor GC

Henderson Trophies – 8th September @ Wollaton Park GC

Cyril Sellick Trophy – 18th August @ Ruddington Grange GC

All 4 scores will count towards the age-based Order of Merit

Team Contacts

Nippers Tour



wdt_ID Date Competition Results
2 14/04/2024 Nippers Tour Ruddington Grange
3 09/06/2024 Nippers Tour Oakmere Park
4 23/06/2024 Nippers Tour The Nottinghamshire
5 26/07/2024 Nippers Tour Norwood Park
6 01/08/2024 Nippers Tour Rufford Park
125 08/08/2024 Nippers Tour Southwell
126 15/08/2024 Nippers Tour Trent Lock

Nippers order of merit

wdt_ID Year Age Group Winner Runner Up
2 2023 Under 9 Ellis McGregor William Scott
3 2023 Under 10 Jack Worthington Nikki Pollard
4 2023 Under 11 Charlie Annable Logan McGregor
5 2023 Under 12 William Lane Luke Kirton

Nippers Contacts

2024 Junior League

2024 Junior League Entries and Fixtures


North                                                            South


Worksop                                                       Rushcliffe

Oakmere Park A                                          Norwood Park

Rufford Park                                                Radcliffe on Trent

Coxmoor                                                       Beeston Fields

Sherwood Forest                                        Oakmere Park B

                                                                   Ruddington Grange



Worksop V Oakmere Park A (11 May 2024)

Rufford Park V Worksop (28 July 2024)

Worksop V Coxmoor (30 June 2024)

Sherwood Forest V Worksop

Oakmere Park A V Rufford Park (5 May 2024)

Coxmoor V Oakmere Park A

Oakmere Park A V Sherwood Forest (19 May 2024)

Rufford Park V Coxmoor (23 June 2024)

Sherwood Forest V Rufford Park

Coxmoor V Sherwood Forest



Rushcliffe V Norwood Park

Radcliffe on Trent V Rushcliffe

Rushcliffe V Beeston Fields

Oakmere Park B V Rushcliffe (12 May 2024)

Norwood Park V Radcliffe on Trent (15 June 2024)

Beeston Fields V Norwood Park

Norwood Park V Oakmere Park B (13 July 2024)

Radcliffe on Trent V Beeston Fields

Oakmere Park B V Radcliffe on Trent (21 April 2024)

Beeston Fields V Oakmere Park B

Rushcliffe V Ruddington Grange

Ruddington Grange V Norwood Park (30 June 2024)

Radcliffe on Trent V Ruddington Grange (28 July 2024)

Ruddington Grange v Beeston Fields

Oakmere Park B V Ruddington Grange



** as at 21 Mar 2024

wdt_ID Club Won Lost Drawn For Against Points
2 Oakmere A
3 Worksop
4 Rufford
5 Sherwood
6 Coxmoor

wdt_ID Club Won Lost Drawn For Against Points
2 Norwood
3 Beeston
4 Rushcliffe
5 Radcliffe
7 Oakmere B
8 Ruddington

Junior League Rules 2024


Martin Richardson – Junior League Manager

Ade Bexon – Rushcliffe GC

Mark Simmons – Rufford Park GC

Ian St John – Worksop GC

Rob Sallis – NUGC Vice President

Junior Policies, Rules & Important Documents


Whilst children and young people are participating in golf activities in our care, The Nottinghamshire Union of Golf Clubs has a responsibility to ensure their safety and wellbeing. The Nottinghamshire Union of Golf Clubs recognises the policies of the National Governing Body, as set in out in the England Golf Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy and Procedures”.

The policy and supporting procedures set out a framework to fulfil our commitment to good practice and the protection of children in our care.

Key principles

  • The welfare of children is paramount.
  • A child is defined by law in England and Wales as a person under the age of 18 years.
  • All children, regardless of their Age, Race, Religion or Belief, Disability, Gender identity or Sexual Orientation, have the right to protection from abuse.
  • All concerns and allegations of abuse and poor practice will be taken seriously and responded to swiftly and appropriately.
  • All children have the right to be safe.
  • All children have the right to be treated with dignity and respect.
  • The Nottinghamshire Union of Golf Clubs will work with children, their parents/carers and external organisations to safeguard the welfare of children participating in golf.
  • We recognise the authority of the statutory agencies and are committed to complying with Local Safeguarding Children Board Guidelines (LSCB), Working Together under the Children Act 2004, and any legislation and statutory guidance that supersedes these.
  • The Nottinghamshire Union of Golf Clubs is committed to working in partnership with other key UK Golf bodies to continually improve and promote safeguarding initiatives across the sport.
  • The Nottinghamshire Union of Golf Clubs owes a legal duty of care to children on their premises or engaged in their activities. That duty is to take reasonable care to ensure their reasonable safety and the duty is higher than it would be for adults.


The Nottinghamshire Union of Golf Clubs aims to:

  • Provide a safe environment for children and young people participating in golfing activities and try to ensure that they enjoy the experience.
  • Ensure robust systems are in place to manage any concerns or allegations.
  • Support adults (staff, volunteers, PGA Professionals, coaches, members and visitors) to understand their roles and responsibilities with regard to their duty of care and protection of children.
  • Provide appropriate training, support and resources for staff, volunteers & coaches to make informed and confident responses to specific safeguarding issues and fulfill their role effectively.
  • Ensure that children and their parents/carers are informed and consulted and, where appropriate, fully involved in decisions that affect them.
  • Reassure parents and carers that all children and young people will receive the best care possible whilst participating in county activities and communicate Policy and Procedure to them through website/letter/consents.


Responsibilities and implementation

The Nottinghamshire Union of Golf Clubs will seek to promote the principles of safeguarding children by:

  • Review their policy and procedures every three years or whenever there is a major change in legislation. Guidance from England Golf will be sought as part of the review process.
  • Conducting a risk assessment of county activities with regard to safeguarding and taking appropriate action to address the identified issues within suitable timescales.
  • Using appropriate recruitment procedures to assess the suitability of volunteers and staff working with children and young people in line with guidance from England Golf.
  • Following National Governing Body (NGB) procedures to report concerns and allegations about the behaviour of adults and ensuring that all staff, volunteers, parents and children are aware of these procedures.
  • Directing staff, volunteers & coaches to appropriate safeguarding training and learning opportunities, where this is appropriate to their role.


SafeGolf Documents

NUGC Children and Young People Safeguarding Policy and Procedures


Useful contacts

County Welfare Officer


Other important contact details


All Forms listed below should be returned to:

Mr Peter Trotter

Chairman of Junior Golf, Nottinghamshire Union of Golf Clubs

9 Nixon Walk, East Leake, Loughborough, LE12 6HL


Application Form

Self Disclosure Form

Code of Conduct County Officials

Code of Conduct Young Golfers

Accident Report Form

Incident Report Form


County Welfare Officer: Dee Gladden

I am pleased to serve as the County Welfare Officer using my previous experience as a Police Officer having served with Metropolitan Police Service in London and a paramedic with the London Ambulance service. During the latter years I became involved in the Youth and Community Section delivering schools involvement programmes on the law, drugs, and personal safety.

I have provided programmes and training both for police officers and members of the community on first aid, personal safety, and Crime Prevention information and I was also responsible for presenting the R.I.D.E. drugs education programme in schools to children aged from 9 to 18yrs.

The Kingston Police Cadet Unit, which is a youth programme for ages 15-19, was launched by me and a colleague.  I was responsible for training the cadets and successfully guided them through the Duke of Edinburgh programme for bronze and silver awards.

I currently teach all ages to achieve various health and safety qualifications Safety Compliance, Manual Handling, Fire Safety and First aid. I also serve as a First Responder for the East Midlands Ambulance Service which is a voluntary role.

I have completed a BTEC in special needs which I have found valuable when supporting less academically able individuals but also adults returning to learning.

I am a keen golfer and have been involved with the Nottinghamshire Nippers and the Golf sixes. My family including my grandson are keen golfers.

I look forward to providing support when required.

Email address: d.age@hotmail.co.uk

Telephone Number: 07973 839220

Alternatively, you can speak to someone at

Childline : 08001111

NSPCC0808 800 5000

England Golf: 01526 351 851 or safeguarding@englandgolf.org

My role as the CWO is to take the lead in the county on welfare and protection issues and ensure the appropriate action is taken when there is a potential/alleged abuse, bullying or poor practice. It is not my role to investigate fully any allegations made. I have undertaken Child Protection training provided by national golfing bodies and others. Child protection concerns will be reported to the police/Social Services Department as appropriate.

If the England Golf Lead Safeguarding Officer is not available and a delay cannot be justified then seek advice from the local County Council Safeguarding Adults Team or County Council Social Care-Emergency Duty Team.