The last game of the season against a very much improved H&S team, they was in a position to win the league depending on other results so this away match was going to be tough. I was very much aware that the second team had a great chance on winning the league so I made sure Anthony had the pick of the players he wanted, with 6 regular players missing we was always going to look a different side but I always see this as an opportunity for other players to either gain experience or state their claim for a regular place.

This match was played at a really nice lilleshall hall GC, it was a great layout for matchplay. The morning foursomes, again we had a different look to our pairings, four of the five pairings were new so this was going to be a great challenge that everyone was up for. It was a tough challenge and we lost the session 4-1, jacob & Matt was out first losing 4/3 Oscar & Carter was out second and lost a hard fought match 1Down, Alex & Liam was out third losing 2 Down, Ashley & Myself were out at 4 and lost 2/1, Cole & Dean were out last and this match was the highlight of the morning winning 2/1, this result meant that they had gone all season unbeaten this is not to be sniffed at so congratulations ladies!! Going into the afternoon we knew it would be difficult but again we went out full of positivity and as always we were going to give 100%. Matt got us off to a great start winning his match 3/2 again great work from Matt ever dependable and a great guy to have within any team, Oscar out 2nd lost 7/5 unfortunately he was out of sorts in the afternoon and at this level there’s no room for error, Jacob out 3rd lost 3/2 a close match but Jacob came unstuck near the end and didn’t have time to fight back, out 4 was Carter he lost 5/4 again carter came in not in the best of form but credit to him he fronted up and fought hard, Alex was out at 5 and won 2/1 this was a fantastic result on his debut, I was extremely impressed with his attitude and golf game this was a massive step for Alex in his development and I wish him all the best in future endeavours with the county. I was out 6 against an old foe in Alex he beat me 3/2, Ash was out 7 he lost 3/2 also, Liam at 8 won his match 2/1 against a very talented young player but liams experience showed at the end well done Liam, Cole out 9 halved his match in bizarre fashion as he came off the course thinking he had lost 1 down, only for his opponent to come over after we had eaten to say he had thought it was a half, so they went through it and agreed in the end it was an half!! For me that was the highlight of the day Ross Booton showed great sporting behaviour and class in coming over, things like that are the foundation of our sport!!! .

Cole has had a fantastic season,if my memory serves me right only losing one match all year so well done Cole he will be our top points scorer this year. Dean was out 10 he again worn his opponent down with his gritty play and short game skills coming out on top 2/1. I would just like to say Dean has had a great season and has established himself firmly in the first team and I hope he takes confidence and belief after this year into next year. So that’s it now for me, this team/squad of players haven’t hit the heights of last season for various reason’s, availability form rub of the green, but in our quest to retain our title we haven’t given in or not given 100%.

I leave with no doubt in my mind that this squad of players will win this league again, they have the quality togetherness and desire to do it , so I wish them well for next year and I can’t thank them enough for the memories and the league title they gave me. I would also like to thank the second team players who played for me and the memories that they gave me and again a league title!! Now to thank all the people in the back ground that make these things work, Colin and Mandy Bee helped me tirelessly, Edgar Bramwell for helping me with the second team,Richard Bonnello for supporting me with the first team as did Rob Sallis.

Thankyou to the county sponsors who helped me kit out the first team boys after winning the league, Coxmoor and it’s members for allowing me to host AM AM’s, friendlies and get together’s, last but not least my wife Julie she has been amazing, so supportive helpful you name it she’s done it for me and has been a big part in all the success both teams have had over the last 5 years. I wish Anthony wain all the best for the next two years , he will be a great captain especially after his success with the second team doing back to back titles.


Malcolm Brown County Captain